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Work-wise, I’m a full-stack web software engineer. I focus on interesting, small projects and try to write good code. Good code should be small, simple, readable, orthogonal. Simplicity and readability of code should be one of the highest priorities of any developer.

Most of the software and tools I use every day are open source, and as such, it seems important to try to give back to the community that makes all that possible. Hence, I’m an active open source contributor and am currently working on some cool open source projects.

A sample of projects and websites I’ve worked on is coming down the pipe pretty soon, so feel free to ask about them in the meantime. The best place to check out some of the stuff I’m currently working on at any given time is Github.

Feel free to keep in touch via email, Twitter, Github, Google+

For more real-time interaction, you can find me on Skype (bradley.m.berger), Google Hangouts/Gtalk (bradley.m.berger) and Yahoo! IM (bradley_berger).

Stay tuned for more!


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